Joys of automation

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Some days ago Aladar submitted to the other half of the project (me, aka Bisboch) a truly neat program. What the program does is taking data from the Game Boy or Game Boy Color Bubble Bobble ROMS and automatically inject it into the coin-op. For istance, if we want to put Game Boy round 2 into the coin-op slot for round, say, 30, we can do it on the fly. Or GB round 30 in coin-op slot 2. Or we can make a coin-op BB made only of GBC round 37, repeated 99 times. Not that we want that, being the GBC version the worst Bubble Bobble version ever! Data transferred includes object position, enemy position, blocks, airflow vectors, floor/ceiling trapdoors. Results are  totally accurate, of course, and there’s still also space for some customizing, which I’ll discuss on a later post.Thanks to Aladar for such an unvaluable help!

... to here in no time. Bliss.


2 thoughts on “Joys of automation

  1. Hello, will you consider making an arcade version with (B/W) Game Boy levels only, or make that tool available for people to experiment with?
    Maybe just as an unofficial, quick and unpolished release, since many levels are just not designed for two player gameplay?

    • Sure, the plan is to release the suite of tools we used, someday. The truth is that the tools are not organized right now – they work fine but they are a little bit exoteric. I’ll’ write some usage instructions and then release them as soon as the guide is over. If you still want the unpolished tool, please mail me at the address in the readme:)

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