Lurking thru’ the cave


It’s so good to post after 7 months here because nobody really was waiting for a post, since almost no one knows about this page. So no pressure. And that’s good, an amateur project like this one doesn’t really need pressure. In these months I occasionally came back to the Lost Cave Project to add some little touches here and there and do some testing, but thet truth is that, being the 100 levels mostly done, I had to face the graphics. Yes. The LOGO. It needs to be changed. And it will, hopefully. It’s waaaay harder than I imagined. Thank God I’ve found this old TuracoCL software, which is crucial in order to hack the original Bubble Bobble logo. But lots and lots of manual work needs to be done, because, when you inject gfx into the BB GFX ROMs, you need to follow the original character order. It’s a lot of 8×8 chars scattered around, sort of. People at Taito were not messy, and that’s good. Ma first tests show that I’m good at exctracting gfx from the ROMs, but not that good at injecting hacked gfx into them – and that’s bad! Let’s hope for the better…

Soo, what’s going on in that picture? i’ll explain once (“if”) my plan succeeds, but it’s clearly one of those handmade things I love to do even if, probably, there’s a better way of doing it automatically…


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