Rejected levels

Here are the kind of Game Boy levels I’m not going to inject into the coin-op. There are precise rules for not letting them in, which I can easily summarize here as “not enough different layout-wise/not enough fun”. Since I have plenty of levels to choose from (GameBoy, Sega Master System, NES, Game Boy Color had all exclusive levels, remember?) I’m trying to cram into the original coin-op only the very best ones. The aim is to still have a engaging and balanced gameplay experience, with rounds which feel fresh for people who knows the coin-op by heart. So, uhm, no lazily adapted levels!

ImageRight. Zuntata was the “new thing” back then. GB had of course many asymmetrical levels, since there was no player two, but this one is a badly hacked coin-op RND 89, Taito…


Arcade RND 59 was lazy per se, but the GB version is even lazier! One type of enemy, the most predictable one. More on this level in a future post, thou.


This one was not that bad: the changes to the layout of arcade level 72 really alter the gameplay. But still… that HI-TECH is too much of a signature for one of the most well remembered levels of the coin-op. No freshness at all. rejected.


A different take on ARC level 88, but not so different: it’s still “that level with the long chimney and the bubble flame which needs to be pushed”. The form may change, but the function is EXACTLY the same.

In the meantime, the work on the logo goes on well. It’s a nightmare, but it’s so fun! Too early to unveil it, even because there’s an additional surprise regarding the gfx…


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