Release date

Every release date is tentative. Shit happens. But why not trying:

Yep, it’s the fourth anniversary of MTJ / Fukio Mitsuji’s death. Some Bubble Bobble action is the best way to remember him in a cheerful way, don’t you think?

Since the Lost Cave is now full of tweaks, hacks and surprises, I ‘ll try to post some of its features in the next weeks, just before the release of the game patch. For now, I updated a little bit the About, Method, Staff and Download sections.

(The NES Bubble Bobble fans may have noticed that the girl in the bubble is THEIR NES PONYTAIL GIRLFRIEND – of course we brought her to The Lost Cave and coloured her a little bit in order to be coin-op compliant! I love her 4-pixel earrings.)


2 thoughts on “Release date

  1. Can’t wait. A buddy and I have won BB 100’s of times in the arcade and in Mame. Looking forward to this!

    Does your project use Arcade roms or a NES Rom? If Arcade, will the newest Mame run this or will it need a Mame derivative?

    Thanks for making this!!!

    • Hello, and thanks for your attention. Sounds like you’re the perfect players for this little romhack! The project use arcade ROMs so it needs MAME or other coin-op emulators to run – it should run also with the official PC retro-collection by Taito, called “Taito Legends”, we’re testing that.
      To play you’ll need to patch your Bubble Bobble romset (after backupping it, of course!) . It’s a easy thing to do. My dream is to see it in MAME as a separate ROMset, but it’s a long, long way!

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