Merry Xmas from the Lost Cave!


Merry Xmas from the Lost Cave!

Haven’t played Lost Cave yet? Please check the Download section!

(This is the actual Rnd. 50, btw)


Lost Cave 1.1 patch released!

Here it is, quick and dirty:

Bubble Bobble Lost Cave 1.1 Patchfile Download

the zip file includes a auto-patching program for people using Windows, made by Aladar. Please read the readme.txt! It’s shorter and lighter!

[I’ll be away for some days, so let’s hope everything works!]

Lost Cave released!

Here it is! The patchfiles of Bubble Bobble: Lost Cave have been released.



We really hope you know how to use emulators, deal with MAME ROMsets, patch IPS patch files – there’s a readme.txt inside the .zip with some basic information inside, but it has that “early adopter WTF” vibe to it, so please be patient! We’ll deliver more detailed information as soon as possible. As for now, brave early adopters, please let us know if you manage to make it work. Just be sure you have the correct Bubble Bobble “bublbobl” ROMset to patch. [Note: the official command-line version of MAME really needs to run the patched game from command-line (ie “mame.exe bublbobl”, not from the internal menu) otherwise it won’t work. UI versions such as MAMEUIFX don’t have this ‘issue’]



100 new levels for the Bubble Bobble coin-op which replace the old ones. New to the coin-op, that is! They are Taito-made levels, heavily tweaked just to better fit the coin-op gameplay pace. If you ever played Bubble Bobble on a home or handheld console you’ll find them familiar: they are the best exclusive levels made for NES, Game Boy, Sega Master System and Game Boy Color versions of the game. Still, mastering them in the coin-op frame it’s a brand new challenge!



Almost every bonus points item has been replaced. You’ll find tons of those exclusive bonuses from Game Boy, NES and Sega Master System versions. Part of these bonus GFX were redone in order to match the original coin-op quality requirements. Some newly depicted bonuses are there too, and certain guest bonuses from Rainbow Islands and Parasol Stars were to good to be left out! Also, newly coloured canes may award you with something new, big and good. Diamonds are still there, though. Diamonds are forever. Power-ups rest untouched too: we didn’t want to make players feel lost, after all.


A new progression for old secrets: As in the original coin-op, there are multiple
endings, with the best one involving the secret “Super Bubble Bobble Lost Cave” code.
The bad news? We changed the input sequence for the secret codes. The good news?
This time you can discover them inside the game itself. If you are a BB coin-op
aficionado, you’ll be baffled, but also challenged hard to play more. And with style.

PROTOfinal logo

New gfx and encrypted messages in the secret rooms: can you find what’s going on this time? Who are those guys on the pedestal? What are they trying to say?

ASM hacks to recreate some features supported by home/handheld versions, but not on the coin-op, most notably those weird custom holes on the floor/ceiling.


A brand new attract mode, which showcases the new features of Lost Cave.

See what happens by writing certain three letter acronyms. First, find them in the game!

works on a real arcade machine by burning fresh EEPROMs for it (untested, but
this is the final goal for the project)


Rnd37Find the last secret, one which goes beyond the boundaries of the game, and
you’ll be awarded with a symbolic prize…

This release marks the 4th anniversary of Fukio “MTJ” Mitsuji untimely death (December 11th, 2008, aged 48). We wanted to remember him like this, since the home/handheld levels which form the Lost Cave were created not by him, but by his disciples. He spent the last years of his life exclusively teaching game design in his own school. Why? Play the game to find out: somewhere in the lost cave, MTJ has a message for you.

Beta testing and fruit handling


Intevitable! the game is undergoing several last minute changes. We estimate that, in last weeks, we changed roughly 1/4 of the level content, scrapping several uninteresting levels and rebalancing the whole experience (Super mode too – but you need to find the new Super code to play it, you know).

This kind of fine tuning has being possible only thanks to our fellow beta testers. They are playing the game with various setups, emulators, operating systems and peripherals. The more crazy control system must be the one you see in the above photo, set up by our good friend Fabio “Kenobit Bortolotti”. He just got his MakeyMakey kit [the wonderful gimmick which trasforms nearly anything into a controller] delivered, and he tought that collecting fruit bonuses with a real fruit controller could have been fun.  It may sound crazy, well, it IS crazy, but Kenobit states it’s also pretty responsive, even if we suspect that the more intense moments, such as the final boss fight, may really  jam your desk:

Speaking of fruit, why not checking this retro-styled videogame soundtrack I have just composed? It has been made for a game of a friend of mine called Fruitiny for iOS. The game, not the friend. There’s also a Game Boy remix by the multi-talented Kenobit above.  As you can see, the game is heavily inspired by MTJ graphic style, so this spam bit is not totally unrelated on this webpage. Have a try.

Enough! Let’s go back to the Lost Cave testing, the deadline is really close and there’s still so much to do and fruit to handle!