Beta testing and fruit handling


Intevitable! the game is undergoing several last minute changes. We estimate that, in last weeks, we changed roughly 1/4 of the level content, scrapping several uninteresting levels and rebalancing the whole experience (Super mode too – but you need to find the new Super code to play it, you know).

This kind of fine tuning has being possible only thanks to our fellow beta testers. They are playing the game with various setups, emulators, operating systems and peripherals. The more crazy control system must be the one you see in the above photo, set up by our good friend Fabio “Kenobit Bortolotti”. He just got his MakeyMakey kit [the wonderful gimmick which trasforms nearly anything into a controller] delivered, and he tought that collecting fruit bonuses with a real fruit controller could have been fun.  It may sound crazy, well, it IS crazy, but Kenobit states it’s also pretty responsive, even if we suspect that the more intense moments, such as the final boss fight, may really  jam your desk:

Speaking of fruit, why not checking this retro-styled videogame soundtrack I have just composed? It has been made for a game of a friend of mine called Fruitiny for iOS. The game, not the friend. There’s also a Game Boy remix by the multi-talented Kenobit above.  As you can see, the game is heavily inspired by MTJ graphic style, so this spam bit is not totally unrelated on this webpage. Have a try.

Enough! Let’s go back to the Lost Cave testing, the deadline is really close and there’s still so much to do and fruit to handle!


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