Lost Cave 1.1 patch released!

Here it is, quick and dirty:

Bubble Bobble Lost Cave 1.1 Patchfile Download

the zip file includes a auto-patching program for people using Windows, made by Aladar. Please read the readme.txt! It’s shorter and lighter!

[I’ll be away for some days, so let’s hope everything works!]


10 thoughts on “Lost Cave 1.1 patch released!

  1. Thank you! The automatic patch exe seemed to work fine! What emulators have support for the new bublcave.zip name? And is there any way to force Mame to execute the game even if the name isn’t included in the Mame database?

    • Hi! Please, check the Download section to find a good choice of suitable emulators:) There’s also a special MAME build which runs only bublcave.zip, otherwise MAMEUIFX is a excellent choice.

    • Hi! I’m working on that. I’d like to create some nice documentation and comparison between original and lostcaved ones, so it may take ages. I’ll publish this opus in groups of 10 rounds, I guess!

  2. Any suggestion to run it on a Mac? The rom patcher is great, but I can’t find an emulator that runs the patched rome.

    • Ciao, I guess you could try with SDL MAME,
      You’ll have to rename the zip file or the folder where the romset is as “bublbobl”, and temporarily move your real Bubble Bobble ROM somewhere else. So you basically need to trick MAME into believing that Lost Cave is the real Bubble Bobble. Since I don’t have access to a Mac I’m not sure it will work. Please let me know:)

      • SDLMame is a little tricky to run – you have to manually use terminal commands.
        Still, once you make it work, Lost cave doesn’t, unfortunately. If you have the original Bubble Bobble roms in the folder, the game works. If you have the patched roms in a directory of the same name, SDLMAME warns you that “One or more of the original Roms or CHD images is missing”.
        Too bad.
        I’ll have to resume one of my old PCs.
        Thanks for your wonderful work!

  3. I asked to our beta tester Bubez, who tested the game on a Mac. She said that she had success by using a frontend for sdlmame called QMC2. Also, you may have more luck using mame os x, another mame build. Further info can be found on macemulators.wordpress.com . We really hope you can play Lost Cave without getting mad;)

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