Merry Xmas from the Lost Cave!

Merry Xmas from the Lost Cave!

Haven’t played Lost Cave yet? Please check the Download section!

(This is the actual Rnd. 50, btw)


2 thoughts on “Merry Xmas from the Lost Cave!

  1. Hi there! Amazing work, I played it in single player and I won it! But, obviously, I got the “non” true ending 😦 So I can’t play the Super Bubble Bobble…

    • I’ll tell you a little secret – if you play the normal mode, even in two players mode, you don’t get the “Super” Code. The key to the super code is somewhere else. If you finish the normal game in two, anyway, you get a code which will greatly help you in reaching that “somewhere else” which grants you the Super Mode.
      So far, I know only ONE person which managed to do it without cheating. And it’s not me:D

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