12/13 October 2013: Manchester, Play Expo. We weren’t there in person, but we were there with Bubble Bobble Lost Cave! Thanks to the great JAMMA+ community, and especially to Olly Cotton aka muddymusic, among dozens of coin-op legends in display there was also our little hack…hosted inside a real, original Bubble Bobble cab, no less!


The nice thing is that we were not aware of it. Absolutely. We were browsing thru’ the Jamma+ forums when we read a post by user Webbo stating:
“Could you kind folks help me identify a game it was at play expo the other week it was a custom bubble bobble cab (…) it was playing a version if bubble bobble but not seeing the attract screen I’m not sure which one. Iv looked through all versions on mame but it isn’t any of them. The levels looked different to what I remember and there seemed to be more power up drops than normal. Was a great version and would love to put it on my mame cab. Hopefully some of you guys got to play it or may even own the cab I played it on? “

At first we tought “hey! A Bubble Bobble proto? No way!” Then we understood that he was talking about Lost Cave! Muddymusic kindly provided the photos in this post. Isn’t his Bubble Bobble cab absolutely amazing, by the way?

Play2013_74Hey, that guy has the GTW t-shirt! We love that website, check it out if you don’t know it.

Ok, enough self-celebration for today. We have still so much to do – December 11th is approaching fast… It’s the 5th anniversary of Fukio Mitsuji‘s death, and we planned a new Lost-Cave related release. More info about that very, very soon.