SOURCE: Game Boy RND3 Don’t worry – I don’t mean to write that much on EVERY DAMN LEVEL of the game. It’s just the early levels, so text is meant to define some general strategies I used into adapting the home/handheld levels for the arcade. Here, for example, there’s not much to say about the level, apart from the fact that it’s for sure the Game Boy round I transposed in Lost Cave which bears the most striking resemblance to the original arcade one – apart from the blocky, glossy tiles which you’d find in RND52 of the arcade and that I aptly put here instead. Still I felt it was good to start with levels with a familiar feel to it – there’s plenty of crazy stuff going on along the Lost Cave path to RND 100, so why not starting without too many shocks for the player?

Still, let’s use this space for pointing out a constant difference between Game Boy and Arcade rounds: the GB rounds are 200 pixels high (25 lines of 8×8 blocks) while the AC rounds are 208 pixels high (26 lines). So I had to add an extra line trying not to alter the level layout both function-wise and form-wise. Can you spot where the extra line went in the first three levels? Easy choice.


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