SOURCE: Game Boy RND4 I really love this one. The enemy’s starting position is very similar to AC RND 4. At first glance, also the level layout is the same… but it’s not! By changing the position of just four relevant blocks, the enemies are forced to attack you from all sides, instead of converging towards the middle of the screen. This level design at its best. Try to compare it with the original level herewith displayed! See?

This seems to be a constant in the design choices made by Game Boy Bubble Bobble developers which, by the way, were known as “The 2nd Development Section – TEAM BUGRU  BOTTURU” (not-so-fun-fact: you can get this info only at the intro of the Japanese Game Boy Cart).

About the tileset, I just drew it inspired from the GB one and went for a bluish palette. Quite different from the church-like tiles of the arcade counterpart, at last.


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