SOURCE: Game Boy RND7 It’s not hard, for the seasoned Bubble Bobble player, to spot the reference for this Game Boy round. Yep, it’s a more dense variation over the AC RND7, but the wind (ie airflows) has changed and you really want to trap those Mightas into the little pit! You may notice a difference between the GB enemy placement and the Lost Cave one: on coin-op, it feels better not to have them appear mid-air – on the GB most of the baddies spawn mid-air to give the player more time before the meetup, but on the arcade everything looks waaay better just making them spawn directly on the platform surface! make them fall more in sync. Also, I had to slightly change their horizontal position to have their movements better coreographed game-wise. Or I just messed up (strange, since the positional data came straight from the GB cart, thanks to a wicked tool created by Aladar).


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