SOURCE: NES RND9 I remember fondly this round since the first time I played Bubble Bobble on the NES. It was like “Heh! So it’s not a straightforward porting, there are new levels too!” You can say that this is when Bubble Bobble Lost Cave started, somehow. I was envious of the NES version, which had something the coin-op hadn’t! That said, the level design of NES RND9 is not very clever. There are many levels in the Bubble Bobble saga which feature a full screen depiction of a in-game character, sometimes they work, adding some kind of functional value to the form. This is not the case – everything is quite dull and Mightas tend to get stuck in the lower part of the shape. Still I love the glossy red blocks, a simple yet effective rework of the NES ones. And I like that, having one extra line of blocks on the coin-op, I could detach the Mighty Mighta from the ceiling. Plays so-so, but looks beautiful!

REJECTED: Game Boy RND77 & Sega Master System RND111  The Mighty Mighta level was very popular among home/handheld Taito people, since they shared it on every conceivable platform where extra levels were needed! Still, in the end, the first one to appear – the one on the NES/Famicom console was the best choice for Lost Cave (even if it’s not a great level per se). The Game Boy one loses the urgency of the “arena” structure, since the hole on the right really makes things easy. The Sega Master System varation has a dull tileset and a duller enemy starting position. And Mighta is too close to the floor!


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