SOURCE: Game Boy Color RND2-FRS  Monstas are one of my favourite Bubble Bobble baddies. Great elegance, few elements but memorable. Predictable moving pattern, yet deadly at later levels, when Monstas get really fast.

Here they are debuting, like in the original game, at level 10. We pumped the GBC RND 2  – Forest path – stats and moved around enemies to make it a little more exciting. One may ask: how comes that the GBC port presents Mighta as early as in level 2? Well, because that game totally lacks any logic progression or difficulty curve! But it’s better not to get too bitter on the GBC version – in the end, by tweaking them a bit (well, a lot) they play quite nicely on Lost Cave. lollipopLet’s find the love again with the RND 10 special treat: complete the round and every remaining bubble will transform in a Sega Master System exclusive lollipop, retouched to be more coin-op styled. do you like it? One final note about those little holes in the upper platform: you’ll often find them if water bubbles are around, because otherwise, with the coin-op engine, the water flows would get stuck between the high ledges, like in a pond… and the game would hang forever.


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