SOURCE: Game Boy Color RND42-NGT  Aaaand please welcome another Lost Cave little exclusive: the floor/ceiling with four holes! Nothing shocking, huh? Ask Aladar, the one who injected additional ASM code into the game to make it work. But this is how the story goes – huge work behind the scenes to make the effort invisible to the public. You’ll hate those four holes, then, because they make Monstas in this level more unpredictable. This level requires a bit of strategy to be cleared safely but, once you have a solid pattern, it’s also quite easy. I totally reworked airflow and enemy positioning for this one – the Game Boy Color original one had a nice platform layout but without proper airflows it played dull – not that hard for a level hidden on a secret branch at 2/3 of the game (the GBC version ends at level 60).

In the first Lost Cave revision (1.0) the bubbles stopped in the little cage in the middle of the screen: if two or more Monstas ran free there, it became too hard to trap them from the platform below. Too hard for round 11, that is. So I totally changed the airflow.

I kept the original border characters from Bubble Bobble because they are a direct reference to Return of the Invaders, one of my favourite Taito games ever (and the best in the Invaders series until recent years, IMHO).


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