SOURCE: Game Boy Color RND13-JNG “Ah, I already know this one!” I can hear you. It’s legit. Our Lost Cave RND 13 really looks like the original coin-op Round 13. And I loved it for this reason. After all, Bubble Bobble is a lot about not judging the book by its cover, isn’t it? So while it looks like the original thirteenth level, it plays a bit differently. First of all, there’s a single hole in the floor/ceiling – another Lost Cave addition, not present in the coin-op (but often featured on GBC, ie in this round). Secondly, water bubbles come in from below, so you have to wait patiently without popping them. Finally, the stream cuts the empty heart exactly in the middle, not on the sides.

The heart blocks are a little experiment of mine. I wanted them to look sexier than the original ones. I used deep purple, a colour rarely featured by the BB blocks, even if it’s there, in one of the palettes. Deep purple or not, the title quotes a Rolling Stones old classic.


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