SOURCE: Game Boy Color RND43-SKY Here comes the thunder, here comes the lightning! Lightning bubbles are not even present in the Game Boy Color source, but the structure of the level was quite good to be enhanced with some flashes of light, basically because it’s a great weapon to hit some enemy while you are on the other horizontal side of the room.

I have to say I love the original GBC level quite a lot. It nicely breaks the obsessive symmetry present in so many Color levels, and it has a maze-like Chack’n’Pop / BB RND 29 feeling. Being the levels on the GBC Sky and Night branches surprisingly good, I suspect that the developer had an above average level designer working on them. Above the average of that crappy game, that is!

Note: the graphic tiles for this one are the same of the original AC RND 14 (the one with the big Monsta), but changing the palette from cold to hot really changes the vibe.


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