SOURCE: GB RND6 A true favorite among Game Boy Bubble Bobble players. It’s easy to see why – it’s you, Bubblun! The hero! A huge dragon was something I really expected to see while playing thru’ the original BB coin-op rounds, and I was originally a little disappointed. Game Boy fixed that.Lightning can be very powerful if used with good timing here, but the Special Item is also very accessible. Just don’t jump without looking at what’s coming down from the holes in the ceiling!

Finishing this level, every remaining bubble will change in a bunch of bananas. Pay attention, tho’ – those ain’t coin-op bananas. No siree, those are Sega Master System bananas! You can tell it by the different, much more… mature palette! I never really understood why the coin-op featured greenish, unripe bananas.
SMS_bananaAs you can see, the ripe banana palette is definitely in the game. But I can’t really pretend to understand bananas better than the Japanese. They use banana plants since 13th century to make cloths. 16th century poet Basho nicknamed himself like that because of a banana plant (“basho”) in his garden. And that’s only what Wikipedia tells me. How can I possibly understand the cultural meaning of those two banana palettes? When the true reason, in the end, is that those guys on the SMS port just liked ripe bananas most. Oh well. In the end, no matter which palette you prefer, this is the best 16×16 banana bunch ever in history. Fact. I should’ve called this level “Bubblun and Bananas”, really.


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