SOURCE: Game Boy Color RND49-SKY At some point, I also considered the idea of stealing some levels from Bubble Symphony and Bubble Memories, but this would have pushed the project too far. The secret “inclusion rule” says that Lost Cave could only include levels from games which stick to the initial Bubble Bobble game system: no added enemies, no spiked platforms, no other special bubbles than the original three (ok, plus the elusive fire one), no special attacks/flying abilities for Bubblun & Bobblun. So no Bubble Bobble Part II, no Symphony, no Memories.


Then, some time after the 1.0 release of Lost Cave, I replayed Bubble Symphony. And I realized it. Hell, the developers from GBC Bubble Bobble plagiarized something like twenty Bubble Bobble Symphony levels, with slight modifications to the platform layout, and replacing the Symphony-only enemies with the old ones (only eight made it to Lost Cave, actually). Bear in mind that the GBC version of the game was published in 1999, well after the Symphony release, in full emulation age. Slackers! A third-party developer who recycles first-party levels. Meh.
At least, those are good levels. Take a look to this one, stolen from Symphony’s RND A-6 (on the “Dessert Land” branch). Classic lightning action to take out the “boxed” Monsta, and then get rid of those Zen-Chans that could be already trapped in the central area. The central floor/ceiling hole works very fine here. I put the bonus and special items in the boxes for a bit of risk/reward thrill.


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