SOURCE: Game Boy Color RND26-GRV The Graveyard branch in the Game Boy Color Bubble Bobble has one of the most confusing palettes in the game, especially if played on the real dot matrix screen. With the coin-op black background, and with no scrolling everything plays better. Monstas can be quite annoying here, since the oblique block lines make hard to predict their bounces around. To force Player 1 to move around a bit I put the spawn point for the special item in the upper right part of the room (remember that GBC version only has one item spawn point per level, so I had to invent the second one, and often move them both around to get some kind of balance).

BS_P6This level has a strong resemblance with a Bubble Symphony one too! Check Round P-6 “Third Room” from the Last Road branch. Which is not a third room no matter how you look at it, but, well, ok. I matched the palette of this one in my Lost Cave version without knowing it. Luck of the draw.


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