SOURCE: Sega Master System RND 87 So, did you survive Round 19 of Lost Cave? Did you manage to reach Round 20 without dying? Great, here’s your prize – a brand new secret room! Well, you have to reach it first, as the room is quite crammed with Pulpuls. As in the original game, round 20 marks the debut for this enemy type but, in this level (a Sega Master System exclusive) there are seven of them, no less!

Should you have died in the former levels or should you miss the door, don’t worry. This level offers several nice points of interest. Score-wise, you can get lots of diamonds using water and lightning. And then there’s the anachronism of having Rainbow Islands quoted into Bubble Bobble, which is normal since the Master System version of Bubble Bobble came after the coin-op version of Rainbow Islands!

rainbowTo improve anachronism, if you complete the level every bubble left turn into a chibi version of Rainbow Islands main weapon. The effect is neat: a rainbow rain all around the screen. But you really prefer to lose it and get the super-rewarding secret screen, don’t you?


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