SOURCE: Game Boy Color RND 5-JNG The craziest thing about Game Boy Color Bubble Bobble, is that there are really tons and tons of levels – 128, actually – but the vast majority of players will never see them, because the requisite to switch from the main branch to the secondary one is to complete the level as fast as possible. Then, when you reach the secondary branch, you need to speedrun through its harder levels too, or you’ll be sent back to the easier one even if you’re slow on a single level. Such a confusing design choice is reflected by the fact that no FAQ on the Net understood the mechanism! Oh well, I’ll write mine after this guide. Or maybe not. Who cares about that poor game.
WE care! Because with some love, tweaking and coin-op magic, GBC levels CAN shine! Take this one, for instance – flame bubbles debut here, and that little gap in the fir is perfect to grill the Mightas – if they don’t set free early!


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