SOURCE: Game Boy Round 24 Ah, here’s another one well remembered by noth NES and GB Bubble Bobble players; in both cases, as well as in Lost Cave, it’s round 24. A easy to remember giant Pulpul, where the true challenge is to climb a ladder of bubbles (it’s safer on the right) to get rid of those Pulpuls who get stuck in the upper part of the room. Since Pulpuls behave in a unique way on the coin-op, to reproduce the “get stuck” part was not easy without moving them around a bit, and switching their starting direction too. The best layout to do it was the Game Boy one. The NES (below, left) was not very elegant, while the Master System take on this level (below, right) was dull: the holes on the floor/ceiling made it too easy to reach the top of the Pulpul! I went for the warm palette of the SMS, tho’.



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