SOURCE: Game Boy Color RND  9-JNG The ninth round of the Game Boy Color Jungle Branch is blatant rip-off of RND 28 (or J-1) on the “Pyramid Land” branch of Bubble BS_J1Symphony, titled “SILK HAT”. Branches, rip-offs, name changes… Who cares? The important thing is that the level plays quite good now, with a good rhythm given by faster than average bubbles and aggressive Monstas. I changed the airflows in order to let the skilled players gather all the enemies inside the box – then it’s just a matter of good computertiming and the sweet 32000 combo is at hand. And it’s not over! Being this level numbered as a multiple of 5, you get a special bonus when every enemy is knocked out. This time it’s a little computer, again an exclusive from the Sega Master System port. Is it maybe a Sega SC-3000 home computer? Or maybe a NEC 8801? Or my beloved MSX?


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