SOURCE: NES RND27 Total NES satisfaction on this one.  Or Famicom Disk System, if you used to play in Japan. I love this level because the best strategy to clear it involves a rarely necessary technique on the original coin-op. If you play alone, you’ll have some trouble in popping the Monsta-Pulpul couples in the middle belt, opposite side of the room. The solution is to reach the top of the level, move on the side where the odd couple is, pop some bubbles, bounce beyond the ceiling and reappear on the screen from below! Now you don’t need to try a risky leap of faith to kill them. Just jump up in the area where the two enemies are. Hope it’s clear. As you surely understood, English is not my native language. And I’m not that good at giving directions in Italian either, so…

One last thing: can you spot the difference between the Lost Cave edit and the NES edit? Sure you can. That 2×2 block on the NES is actually a fake one – you fall thru it. It would have been really complex to simulate it on the arcade engine, which lacks this feature originally. Well, it was of course feasible with some Aladar magic, but we thought it was not a very stylish feature, after all. What you see is what you get. And you get a custom rendition of the original NES graphic tiles.


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