SOURCE: NES RND A04 (RND104)  You may remember that to see the real ending on the NES you had to deal with the crystal ball AND the door. A nearly impossible task in my childhood, actually. Relax, in Lost Cave you’ll be able to see all the NES extra levels without so much pain. Here’s RND 104, for example. Super relaxing, similar to the famous “BONUS” ARC RND 45, a great chance to get the 64000 bubble combo, hardly dangerous by any means. This level is sponsored by Y.K., that is, Yuichiro Kawamuki as you can discover by finishing the NES game. He was one of the programmers of the NES port. You know, the coin-op development team did it with their levels, the initials thing and all. So even the creators of the home port wanted their share of eternal fame!

I easily recreated the tile graphics from the NES version, just adding some variations on the borders, taking advantage of the rarely used bright green palette pattern from the coin-op.


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