SOURCE: NES RND 29 I hope you’re enjoying this NES streak! This is  another easy to remember port-only round, and it often proves to be trickier than expected. Blame the fast flowing bubbles, or the nasty way those Zen-chans behave, getting struck here and there and requiring some carefully balanced jumps. The huge Zen-chan shaped platorm layout proves to be more than a lazy way to fill the room. It’s challenging, and it works very nice inside Lost Cave too. It’s quite obvious that everyone at Taito was satisfied with this one, and that’s why you can find it also on Game Boy (RND29 too) and on Sega Master System (RND101). Check them out.


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  1. Hi, Bisboch! Not sure where to post exactly so I’ll just post on the top story. Just wanted to chime in and say thanks for all the hard work! I’m playing lost cave on a real PCB that I run in an Egret II cabinet. It’s quite a blast! One question: how hard do you think it would be to reverse engineer and replace the game music? It would be pretty cool to have a remix of the original theme, or perhaps an 8-bit version of the music used in Bubble Bobble Neo/Wii!

  2. Thank you very much! It’s a pride to be played in a Egret II cabinet… The reason I’m not posting is that I’ve been a litte sucked into collecting PCBs, lately, investigating new hacking possibilities. I’m no proper collector, but still these babies are so charming!
    We thought about changing the music for Lost Cave, but in the and we did not look into that part of the code because I could not think of Bubble Bobble without that very track. I’ll ask Aladar (the one who really understand Assembler) if such a thing is complex to achieve, tho’.

  3. (Sorry if a comment in the wrong place)


    Your hack is amazing and, I took the liberty to make a Bubble Bobble Nostalgie levelset version of this, in case you don’t know BBN is a Windows remake of the original game, it has a lot of similarities as well as differences… My levelset has a lot of the Lost Cave levels as well as some changes to fit into the game, as the structure and essence varies a lot… So in case anyone is interested, leave a reply please

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