AND / BISBOCH [level/GFX design and editing]
The man with the idea. Days after the death of Fukio Mitsuji, Bisboch decided it had to pay hommage to one of his true masters in the art of game design. Slowly but steadily, he selected the console and handheld levels and graphics bound to form the Lost Cave, sometimes tweaking them to make them consistent and coin-op compliant. He could not resist and added some newly designed stuff too, including special easter eggs, new secret messages and codes and a new progression from the beginning to the true ending of the game. He’s also the one who produces texts for this webpage.
E.B / ALADAR [technology and testing]
Aladar has a long term mission, well beyond the Lost Cave: to bring Bubble Bobble to the PC Engine/Turbografx 16. Having already disassembled Bubble Bobble’s code and having already made an experimental PC Engine  emulator, there’s no reason for him not to succeed, even if it’s a truly retro-herculean task. In the meantime, Aladar provided every kind of technical stuff and knowledge which encouraged us in discovering the Lost Cave. Without Aladar and his serious Z80 ASM skills, this romhack would have been incomplete, buggy and not as deeply modified as it aims to be. He also provided a careful playtest and motivation. 

Friends, helpers, players, chacks’n pops
Coming soon (tentatively after the release of the Lost Cave! There’s already so many people to thank and greet!)


2 thoughts on “Staff

  1. Being a Bubble Bobble’s fan, I can say with confidence that BB Lost Cave is a work of love, reproducing the feeling of the original 100 levels with the same good old feelings.

    Thank you very much and keep up the good work

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